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Propose an exceptional offer that we will promote to thousands of potential customers. 

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To meet your needs and guarantee a mutually beneficial collaboration, we have developed a range of different partnerships:

1 – The classic offer
We offer you the possibility of being referenced free of charge on the majority of our programmes in order to increase your visibility.

2 – The boost
Want to see a real difference?
Some of our programmes offer exceptional visibility.
If you want to be promoted on these programmes, there are several options open to you: referencing your offer, being featured in the selection of the month, a dedicated slider, promotion in a newsletter, organisation of competitions, etc.

A great opportunity to boost your visibility, increase your sales and benefit from our digital expertise.

We look forward to discussing these opportunities with you and defining together the partnership that will perfectly meet your objectives.

How to become a partner?

01 Propose an exceptional offer

Promotional code, gift card, coupon… Choose the most suitable format to make as many people as possible discover your business.

02 Design your partner page

Logo, slogan, visuals, description… Showcase your company/organisation with attractive, differentiating content.

03 We promote your offer

on our benefits clubs to 10 million potential beneficiaries.

These partners put their trust in us

More than 55,000 partners have already put their trust in us!
New companies, both large chains and local businesses, join us every day.

So why not join us?