Data-driven marketing

Upscale your beneficiary knowledge with Obiz© data-driven digital solutions. Optimise the beneficiary decision-making process and enhance your targeting by providing a more personalised experience through intelligent use of this data.

Upscaling client knowledge and improve your CRM performance

Our Obiz© tracking tool and Matomo let you collect and analyse a set of reporting data. Review your most visited categories along with your most popular products and generated savings

Platform-compatible questionnaires collect data by asking beneficiaries direct contextualised questions in specific contexts.

At Obiz©, we want to ensure you fully understand your beneficiaries’ expectations and consumption patterns.

Our solutions not only optimise your benefits programme content, but also improve your CRM performance. This enables better marketing segmentation and business development.

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Personalising your benefits programme content


Our data collection expertise performs real-time updates on:

  • deal categories to meet beneficiary needs and expectations
  • segment-specific featured deals


Our Data Scientist analyses the data to produce smart benefits programme content for individual beneficiaries. As such, personalised deals are selected according to recently viewed items.

We also provide personalised webservice content – featured deals – on your website’s connected platform to increase return visits.

Measuring platform performance

Data drives measurable performance (data use, target insights, etc.) and achieves a ROI-based approach.

We provide you with detailed reporting on KPIs approved in the preparation phase to assess performance, with a focus on number of platform visits and active accounts.
This lets you review key platform features where appropriate, such as user connection and browser experience.

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The data we collect remains anonymous and fully complies with user preferences for tracking cookies. We provide an opt-out option for data collection.

Obiz© regularly performs penetration testing and external audits to verify GDPR-compliant use of data.

Data hosted in France – ISO 27 001 certification.

Got a project in mind?

Our experts are on hand to develop the relationship marketing solution that best meets your needs.