Our purpose

Obiz© is not just a team of relationship marketing and client engagement experts. We pride ourselves on a greater sense of purpose.

A company with a human touch

Obiz© which refers to the English noun “Hobbies”, is a company with a human touch. As a Group, we care about ethics and sustainability and strive to connect consumers to local retailers and major brands alike.

Our solutions let consumers access special and unlimited deals through personalised relationship programmes.

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Supporting companies in their client retention whilst delivering a positive impact on purchasing power, wellness and the local economy.

Our commitments  


Positively impacting health and wellness

by promoting activities in sport, leisure and everyday well-being.


Sustainably strengthening consumer purchasing power

through savings made in an extensive brand network.


Supporting the local economy

by boosting local business without commission on revenue.

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Obiz©: how we were founded

Our story started on 24 December, 2010.

With 20 years of experience under his belt working for multinationals, Brice Chambard wanted to pursue a more meaningful career.

As a sports aficionado and a manager of charities, Brice decided to focus on positively impacting the associated network. Brice remains convinced that sport, wellness and leisure play a positive role in our society. Together, they foster well-being and health for the general public. At the same time, the organisation of day-to-day activities and living costs complicate access to such activities.

And so the Obiz© concept was founded against this background.

We create relationship programmes to support companies with retaining clients. To this end, we boost purchasing power, well-being and the local economy. 

Thanks to the Obiz© business model:
  • The buying power for relationship programme beneficiaries increases through reduced pricing and provides fast-track access to sport, wellness and leisure activities.
  • Companies that seek to secure and retain their clients invest in a unique ethics-based relationship marketing platform that delivers on ROI.
  • Generates additional business volume for our referenced partner brands through relationship programmes. In addition, Obiz© grants access to deals originally exclusive to large corporations in an effort to reduce smaller brands’ structural costs.
Our disruptive entrepreneurial mindset is driven by the exponential growth of our eco-friendly business model. Obiz© pays out an equitable share of the profits, benefitting both stakeholders and entire ecosystems.

Obiz© is a trailblazing scale-up, comprising 38 talented individuals. Every morning, they go to work with the same shared values and ambition: to positively impact society through relentless efforts to develop a technological system that draws on ten years of ongoing R&D experience.

Obiz© celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Our values

When Brice founded Obiz©, he carefully considered the business model and company type he wishes to create. In doing so, Brice established a strong value-based system to get the best out of his teams.

Sharing is succeeding

At Obiz©, we pride ourselves on shared strengths and knowledge and our vision to build a smart and ethical
business model.


Our employees, our clients, society… Taking care of others is at the heart of our project. We have set up a Relational pact so that the quality of our relations contributes to our Efficiency. This pact defines a framework in which we collaborate in Co-Responsibility and Co-Protection.


Our ambition is to impact as many people as possible. This is why we aim for excellence as a trailblazer with a meaningful business model.

Continuous improvement

“Always give no less than 100%”. As a company and as individuals, we like to think outside the box to progress even further.


At Obiz©, we’re all about client service, whether they are in-house, outsourced or are partners. Our support and solutions are a testimony to this company value.

In April 2022, the Obiz© Group becomes the leader in relational marketing and customer loyalty, present in more than 22 countries.


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motivated employees


million satisfied beneficiaries

Consolidated figures at Obiz© Group level

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