Our international ambitions

Creating connections beyond borders

As a Group, our global ambitions have been central to our strategy from day one. We strive to create connections beyond borders with a positive impact the world over. Naturally, our decision to opt for industry exclusivity – working with a single client per strategic industry to boost their competitive edge – has paved the way for fast growth opportunities in the international market. Just five years from our founding, we expanded our business in a second location.
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Creating multilingual content for multiple locations

Our long-term vision focuses on:

  • creating multilingual content in multiple locations
  • supporting our global-reaching clients and new clients targeted in our various markets
  • developing a user platform with round-the-world access to Obiz© deals
  • aligning our business with new travel trends (e.g. secure and safe travel)

Creating internationalised teams and tools

To support our ambition, we deploy technical proprietary tools that are designed for the international market. We adapt our expert teams to each specific scenario. As such, we recruit native in-country employees to manage relations between our partners, clients and beneficiaries. True to our DNA, we are growing internationally alongside world-renowned clients with the same set of core values. Such clients include AXA Belgium (the leading global insurer for several consecutive years) and Test Achats Be, an independent Belgian non-profit which acts exclusively in the interest of consumers.

Obiz© is recognised for its international expertise, which is commended by clients and on an industry-wide basis. Brice Chambard, CEO of the Obiz© Group, is France’s Foreign Trade Adviser. In this capacity, Brice actively advises public authorities with a view to increasing France’s international influence and supporting French companies in their strategies to go global.

The Obiz© Group is present in 22 countries

Through its various brands/offers, the Obiz© Group is now present in 22 countries*.

All of the group’s platforms are multilingual. The Adelya platform is notably available in 6 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch/Flemish (for our Belgian customers) and Italian.

* France, Spain, Ivory Coast, Congo, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Senegal, Germany, United States, Morocco, Canada, Portugal, Madagascar, Luxembourg, Greece, Mauritius, Austria, Hungary, Dominican Republic , Tunisia, Rwanda, Seychelles.

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