The Obiz© Group

The Obiz© Group is made up of two entities

Obiz©, a responsible relational marketing solution, and Adelya, a publisher of customer loyalty and animation solutions. Present in 20 countries, the Obiz© Group is the leader in relational marketing and customer loyalty in Europe.

Obiz© is an innovative and responsible relational marketing solution. First GoodTech© on the Euronext Growth© market. Obiz© supports major accounts and federations in building customer or employee loyalty and developing their clientele by improving their well-being and increasing their purchasing power.

Adelya is the French pioneer of NFC (Near Field Communication) and mobile contactless technologies. Adelya is a software publisher in SaaS mode, the Loyalty Operator, for the revitalisation of local shops and tourist sites: management, visitor or customer animation and revitalisation of merchant ecosystems. The Loyalty Operator is available in 7 languages, deployed in more than 11,500 points of sale and used in more than 20 countries in Europe.

The Merciz© solution was created in 2022 thanks to the combined expertise of Obiz© and Adelya©. It is a unique package of offers, which accompanies, on a daily basis, company directors in developing their sales, reducing their structural costs and building loyalty among their employees. This new service is aimed at small entreprises/SMEs who wish to work on their attractiveness in a global, 360° manner.

Mes Achats Moins Chers© (MAMC) – translation: “My Purchases Less Expensive” – is an adventure that began with an observation: well-being, leisure activities and purchasing power contribute greatly to the quality of life of employees, both at work and in everyday life. But not all companies – especially smaller ones – have the means to set up an expensive employee benefit platform. The MAMC solution was therefore designed to meet this need.

Equity investments

In order to enrich its catalogue of exclusive offers, to reinforce its social commitment and to achieve its long-term goals, Obiz© is approaching companies that share its vision, its values and that have important synergies.

Logo Mile Positioning Solutions

Mile designs and develops mobile applications based on geographical positioning and the power of data (tourism, weather, pollution, health, etc.) to improve the well-being, physical condition, health, culture and safety of users.
In particular, Mile has published “JOOKS”: offered in 10 languages, this innovative mobile application allows its users to discover more than 300 cities in the world through more than 1,300 routes by running, walking, cycling or by wheelchair.

Patrivia is the leader in online ticketing dedicated to cultural heritage. Its platform brings together more than 650 monuments and cultural sites as well as more than 1200 activities in France and Belgium. Patrivia has launched its Heritage Pass, in partnership with the Fondation du Patrimoine and la Mission Bergn, giving free access to all the monuments and activities listed. The company participates in the promotion of heritage by giving it greater visibility and by allowing visitors to buy their tickets online.
Beneficiaries of the Obiz© programmes can benefit from a 20% discount on the Heritage Pass!

« This strategic acquisition is first and foremost an acceleration factor for Obiz© to achieve its long-term development ambitions. The acquisition of Adelya will complement Obiz©‘s know-how and years of experience in order to enable organisations of all sizes, which do not necessarily have a digital culture, to acquire solutions that were previously used by large groups, in order to support their relational strategy, support their customers’ purchasing power and revitalise their economic territories. »

Together, the two companies share common values around innovation, the revitalisation of territories and the defence of purchasing power.

The Obiz© Group brings consumers closer to local shops and major retailers through digital solutions and attractive offers.

In a constant desire to innovate, Obiz© Group and its 73 employees have created Obelya*, a creative laboratory dedicated to improving the efficiency of organisations (large accounts and local players) in their loyalty challenges at national and international levels. We will tell you more soon…
* “Obeya” is a Japanese term meaning “Large Room”, created by Toyota for the “Prius” model. It is a real work methodology which aims to involve a whole team, on a regular basis and in the same room with the aim of visibly following a project, using previously defined indicators.
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