The Obiz© Group

The Obiz© Group is made up of two entities

Obiz©, a responsible relational marketing solution, and Adelya, a publisher of customer loyalty and animation solutions. Present in 20 countries, the Obiz© Group is the leader in relational marketing and customer loyalty in Europe.

Obiz© is an innovative and responsible relational marketing solution. First GoodTech© on the Euronext Growth© market. Obiz© supports major accounts and federations in building customer or employee loyalty and developing their clientele by improving their well-being and increasing their purchasing power.

Adelya is the French pioneer of NFC (Near Field Communication) and mobile contactless technologies. Adelya is a software publisher in SaaS mode, the Loyalty Operator, for the revitalisation of local shops and tourist sites: management, visitor or customer animation and revitalisation of merchant ecosystems. The Loyalty Operator is available in 7 languages, deployed in more than 11,500 points of sale and used in more than 20 countries in Europe.

« This strategic acquisition is first and foremost an acceleration factor for Obiz© to achieve its long-term development ambitions. The acquisition of Adelya will complement Obiz©‘s know-how and years of experience in order to enable organisations of all sizes, which do not necessarily have a digital culture, to acquire solutions that were previously used by large groups, in order to support their relational strategy, support their customers’ purchasing power and revitalise their economic territories. »

Together, the two companies share common values around innovation, the revitalisation of territories and the defence of purchasing power.

The Obiz© Group brings consumers closer to local shops and major retailers through digital solutions and attractive offers.

In a constant desire to innovate, Obiz© Group and its 73 employees have created Obelya*, a creative laboratory dedicated to improving the efficiency of organisations (large accounts and local players) in their loyalty challenges at national and international levels. We will tell you more soon…
* “Obeya” is a Japanese term meaning “Large Room”, created by Toyota for the “Prius” model. It is a real work methodology which aims to involve a whole team, on a regular basis and in the same room with the aim of visibly following a project, using previously defined indicators.
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