Social impact

In response to its sustained support and development, Obiz© is now focused on giving back to society. The Group leads a number of financial sponsorship initiatives for charities and organisations supplemented by skills-based sponsorship (French Tech Tremplin mentor) and active participation in discussions at the local and regional level.

A creator of solutions for societal impact stakeholders

Obiz© supports craftspersons, retailers, sports associations and small-sized organisations by giving them free access to part of its network. Our partners include:
  • CMA France: French Chamber of Trades and Crafts
  • U2P: French Union for closely connected companies
  • CNOSF: French Olympic and Sporting Committee
  • The French Fire Brigade and volunteer civil defence workers
  • Reservist for French National Police Force
The Obiz© partner network is made up of regional companies and structures which can freely access certain components of the Obiz© deal:
  • EM Lyon
  • Outdoor Sport Valley

    A contributor to local business and digital

    Obiz© plays an active role in several organisations. These include:
    • French Tech One Lyon Saint Etienne (Vice-Chair of the Societal Impact Commission)
    • Esprit de Service France (Director/founding member)
    • French Tech Tremplin mentor (financial support for young people of all backgrounds)
    • Member and Vice-Chair of the PÉPITE network and Cercle Pépites association. The latter brings together fast-growing companies from the Lyon-Saint Etienne region and considers solutions for their promotion nationwide and the world over. The scheme was established by the Lyon-Saint Etienne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI) and Greater Lyon (métropole de Lyon).

    A financial supporter of impactful charities

    Obiz© works closely with highly renowned and impactful charities including:
    • Humanity & Inclusion (HI)
    • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
    • L’Enfant Bleu
    • Plan International
    • Rotary International
    We also provide financial support to local top-level sportspersons:
    • régor Ozbolt, who swum the English Channel in August 2019 in aid of the charity, Cassandra ACCL, which finances research for children with cancer
    • Anaëlle Angerville, a world champion in women’s boxing
    • Elixane Lechemia, a women’s tennis player
    • Arnaud Manzanni, a long-distance cyclist
    • Cathy Dubois, a trail runner

    A partner of public authorities

    Obiz© continues to actively engage with think tanks and maintains a close connection with public and private authorities (Greater City organisations and structures and incubators). The French government selected Obiz© as a responsible corporate citizen and a supporter of the activity and digitalisation of small businesses. In particular, Obiz© supported local retailers during the emergency COVID-19 health crisis (2020/2021). Obiz© has also partnered up with the French Defence industry, working alongside large corporations such as Adecco, Air France, AXA, Casino Group, Total, Orange and others.

    Last but not least, Obiz© Founder, Brice Chambard, is France’s Foreign Trade Adviser. His role is threefold: advise public authorities; support training through experiential feedback and discussions; and encourage French companies’ in the transition to go global with the aim of boosting regions and the overall appeal of France.

    “At Obiz©, all of our decisions and actions are based on our core values. Our guiding principles are: passion, commitment, an entrepreneurial mindset, curiosity, client service, a desire for excellence, the satisfaction of our partners, employees, clients and service beneficiaries, responsible and community-based initiatives to serve the general public and profitable growth. These values are the building blocks of our purpose. Our absolute priority is to take action daily and monitor the latest trends and ideas while maintaining a focus on maximising our societal impact. This is the strategy we’ve adopted to stay ahead of schedule and make the most of our 86,400 seconds every day”.

    Brice Chambard, Obiz© CEO

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