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Since its launch in 2020, Club Ulys has seen a sharp rise in traffic and an increase in customer loyalty. These excellent results are the fruit of continuous improvements in terms of customer experience, offers and entertainment, thanks to effective and constructive collaboration with the Obiz© teams.
We work hand in hand to continue to develop the Club's appeal and reputation.

BtoC and BtoB Customer Marketing Manager at Ulys

Testachats called on Obiz© to propose a relationship program for our members. The idea was to set up a "Members club" to reward them for their loyalty with strong discounts and attractive brands for Belgium. Setting up the Obiz© program is one of the many advantages we communicate to our prospects (acquisition). It also enables us to secure our retention. It's a pleasure to work with the whole Obiz© team: they're proactive, dynamic and professional, all in a very friendly atmosphere!

Géraldine WITTMANN
Marketing Specialist Testachats

We have introduced our Pulp loyalty program for all the customers of our own and franchised Clubs. As the head of the network, our aim is to demonstrate to our managers our ability to provide them with ready-to-use and effective tools to strengthen their links with their members. This program is a real lever for attachment to the brand and to our Clubs, thanks in particular to very strong offers in the field of sport, but not only! Pulp also enables us to bring new customers to our clubs, helping them to develop their business. Our communication strategy 'Your subscription reimbursed thanks to your Club Pulp'' is a very attractive message.

Group Director l'Orange bleue network

We called on the Obiz© solution so that our employees could take advantage of exceptional discounts from national and more local chains. The benefits club is a real asset, as it enables us to thank our employees and build their loyalty. As part of the Group's salary benefits package, it is also a recruitment argument.
We appreciate the support and dynamism of the Obiz© team, who are always ready to listen and come up with new ideas to run the programme and promote it among our regional branches!

Director of Human Resources In Extenso

We have placed our trust in Obiz© since 2017.
The main challenge is to build loyalty among our premium customers while working on brand preference and attachment to their broker. Thanks to the loyalty program, we can also inform customers, serve them and offer them benefits.
With a single technical base, we can work on different challenges with a dedicated team, which makes it much easier to talk to each other!

Loyalty manager AXA BE

Brice Chambard, founder of Obiz©, shares the values of sport, health and prevention with firefighters. The partnership with the FNSPF was born out of these shared values in 2013. By managing our Privilèges Adhérent platform, Obiz© makes a special contribution to the physical maintenance, health and well-being of firefighters, enabling them to carry out their commitment in the best possible conditions. Our association for the benefit of the fire-fighting community has grown stronger over the years, and a genuine mutual trust has been established.

President of the FNSPF

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