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Companies, Charities, Federations, etc.

Create connections with Obiz© benefits programmes

Secure and retain new clients/members, manage your communities, leverage your brand image and upscale your client knowledge using our personalised ethical benefits programmes.
You can thus improve your clients’ wellness while supporting their purchasing power and the local economy.

Retaining your clients
Managing your communities
Recruiting your clients



Use our relationship programmes to better connect with consumers

Join our network and you’re guaranteed a high-quality, win-win partnership. Increase your visibility and sales with Obiz©. We not only strengthen purchasing power but also champion the cause of “better living together”.
Whether you’re a craftsperson, small-sized company, SME, large corporation or a franchise, become one of our 55,000 partners!

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The best deals for your beneficiaries

Use our personalised platforms and offer your beneficiaries access to a range of special deals in sport, wellness, leisure and everyday living.
Discover great deals for your family and friends and save money all year round with our Obiz© solutions.

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Closer client connection

Why choose Obiz©?


We recognise that you are unique and that your needs are different from your competitors.


We deploy data-driven solutions with smart data use to enhance the user experience.


Our ROI system boosts your purchasing power as well as the local economy.

2 125 €

We generate €2,125 in savings on average per year and per household
*IPSOS 2020 Study

55 000

Obiz© boasts a network of 55,000 partners and more than 600 references brands.

Unmatched deals

Our deals are unmatched! Our partners’ special deals carry the most benefits on the market.



Become one of our trusted partners!

AXA Belgium

We have partnered with Obiz© since 2017 in an effort to retain our premium clients

Ilse Vermeir,
Loyalty Manager


l'Orange bleue

We have leveraged Obiz© solutions to introduce our Pulp loyalty programme to our Club clients.

Jérôme Olivard,
Network Director



Our collaboration with the Obiz© teams is fruitful and constructive. Our contacts are expert, committed and enthusiastic.

Karine Mourrat,
Customer Marketing Manager


Our solutions

Solutions that create the connections

femme portant des lunettes et souriant


Our personalised platform

Use our responsive platform and personalised app to provide benefits.

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mains tapant sur le clavier d'un ordinateur portable


Data driven marketing

Upscale your client knowledge and deliver a more personalised experience using your specifically collected data.

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Harness the power of our agile technology, developed from ten years of user experience R&D.

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Support and consulting

Develop your retention programme with support from our team of relationship marketing experts.

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Obiz© benefits

The most extensive brand
network on the market

Our network spans 50,000 local and national brands. Our comprehensive coverage ensures you provide localised benefits.


Up to -45%


Up to -50%


Up to -50%


Up to -50%


Up to -30%


Up to -35%

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Obiz© news

Get the latest Obiz© news: discover our Awards, CSR commitment, social impact initiatives and more!

Rencontre avec Aurélie, Responsable Commerciale chez Obiz©

Rencontre avec Aurélie, Responsable Commerciale chez Obiz©

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Rencontre avec Constance, Responsable de Programmes chez Obiz©

Rencontre avec Constance, Responsable de Programmes chez Obiz©

Chez Obiz©, nous sommes fiers de notre équipe, composée de talents divers et passionnés, qui contribuent à notre croissance et à notre succès. Aujourd'hui, nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter Constance, qui a rejoint notre entreprise en tant que Responsable de...